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Top 10 Reasons for Not Voting and Solutions

I Hate Politics and Politicians

The country is formed by Government which is essential for any country. The Government is formed by elected representatives who in turn rule the entire country. They are politicians.

Without politician and politics forming a Government is not possible. Whether you like it or not we are part of the Government and the political system. Hating politics will not lead to any solution. If you want a solution for a good Government your wish must be expressed in the form of your vote.

Any expression in social networking sites or blogs or news comments will neither be considered nor counted by election commission.

I Don't Care Who Wins Who Rules. I am Happy With My Life.

This is what is a dangerous attitude by many individuals who believe they need not participate in any social responsible duties. We must fulfill our most basic responsibility and do our best part to save the country.

Good Candidates Do Not Contest, Whom to Vote?

Not necessarily. You need not focus only on some corrupted candidates in the lime light. On an average 15 candidates are contesting in every constituency including independents and small parties. Instead of focusing only on corrupted candidates you can make an analysis of all candidates of your constituency and choose one best candidate among them. You can review every single candidate's profile, education, assets & liabilities, and their social activities which is published by ECI. This information is posted in the concerned electoral office and ECI website as well.

With the great effort of various social welfare organizations like Voters Association of India and many other NGO's, the Election Commission of India has taken a very great initiative to include NOTA (None of the above) option in the EVM as per section 49-O. Our Chairman and Founder of Voters Association of India met the Deputy Election Commissioner in Delhi and insisted the implementation of NOTA in EVM. This is a dream came true for lot of social welfare associations. Millions of thanks to ECI for this impeccable achievement.

Now with so many options and NOTA, everyone is having a fair chance to choose one good candidate or at least NOTA. Click here to learn more about NOTA and 49-O

Holiday Outing / Not Willing To Wait In Queues.

This is another dangerous attitude by many individuals who believe they need not participate in any social responsible duties. We must fulfill our most basic responsibility and do our best part to save the country.

We spend many hours in front of a new movie counter or IPL(Recently notorious for match fixing and biggest sports scam of India). When you spend money and stand in the queue just for few hours of entertainment, why not you wait few hours in 5 years to decide the fate of the country ?

I Don't Have Voter ID at all.

Getting a voter ID is a very simple process. The ECI is organizing various special programs to get the voter ID. You can visit your nearby Corporation / Municipal office to get your ID. You need to carry/submit at least two form of proof of Identification one for address one for photo. Click here to learn more of getting your voters ID.

Why Should I vote for someone to earn money?

This is a very dangerous and most widely mistaken concern. Everyone hates vote to a corrupted politician and decides to stay away. They angry is meaningless here. Nothing can be achieved by staying away. In fact, you make a corrupted politicians victory easy by not voting and giving a free way.

There is no quorum (minimum votes required to conquer victory). The difference between the candidates is what the victory or loss. In such cases they use their own party power, money power and muscle power to prove their majority.

So, the only way to stop them is voting against a corrupted politician. The only way to stop a corrupted candidate being elected is to vote for the right candidate.


As our VAI Quote reads:

"You are directly helping and empowering a wrong candidate to get elected by not voting. You are giving the way by not voting."

Stop The Corrupt.... Vote Against the Corrupt... Defeat The Corrupt... Vote 100%.... Save Democracy ... SAVE INDIA !!!!!!

Fear to go to Polling Booth (Violent Incidents).

Its not a bigger concern as Election Commission of India has taken lot of safety measures and lot of booths in residential locations.

My Single Vote Can Not Make Difference.. (62% of the population thinks this way !!!)

Every Single vote counts and really makes a big difference. Little drops of water only make the mighty ocean. This is what the mindset of 62% of the population who do not participate in the polling system. Learn more about the statistics of how we arrived at the percentage. In fact the not voting percentage is higher than voting percentage that is share by the political bigwig parties, small parties and independents put together.

If we achieve 100% voting, the non voting percentage alone can out number all parties combined votes together. That's a remarkable volume which cannot be ignored at all.

I have ID But, I have shifted current residence.

This is a major concern for all moving people. As you take initiative for getting new voter ID, you can apply for change of address and/or registration at your local resident area in the appropriate Corporation / Municipal office. Click here to learn more on getting EPIC.

Emergency Work / Not In Town / Out of Country

Last but not least, this is a valid concern. As of now those who are having medical emergencies or unavoidable situation, out of station electors may be excused from voting. Also, we do not have a system that enables NRI's voting. However NRI's can get their voters ID's registered with the address in the passport. Click here to get NRI's voter ID.

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